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What Did You Expect?

I hear a lot of Realtors that complain that they have no prospects. Well, everyone that you pass is a prospect if you're willing to give it a try. No secret business has ever been successful, that's why you advertise.

What did you think was going to happen when you got into real estate.....Suddenly everyone was going to seek you out and beg you to represent them......I just doesn't work that way!!!

The Columbia, SC real estate market is a strong market. There is also quite a bit of competition in the market. That's what happens guys, when there are businesses doing well at anything in any area......Competition follows. So, if you are not willing to do what it takes to compete and advertise, I can promise you that someone else will.And then your competition will be listing and selling houses, making new contacts, and attracting new clients and referrals.

So, here's a good thing to try, talk to everyone that you meet anywhere and ask them if they or anyone else they know are interested in selling or buying a home. There is an endless stream of prospects if you do it. You will probably never set the world on fire and become a top producer if this is your only marketing tool, but I have gotten clients be doing just this.

Once you get a client.....Keep the client....Stay in touch?You don't like for people to forget about you, so what makes you think that your clients are any different. So, pick up the phone once and a while and call past clients to see how their doing. Send them cards on the holidays with a little hand written note and don't be afraid to ask for referrals. What's the worst that could happen...Someone says no, big deal.....get over it and move on, you lost nothing by asking.

You get out of it what you put into it!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Comment balloon 4 commentsJL Boney, III • January 20 2008 04:34PM


AMEN!  We have over 6,000 people on our board of Realtors.  I'm happy it's getting tougher out there.  It will weed out a few folks!

Also, I think you have to stay on top of what is happening in the market.  Things that worked 3 years ago, don't work for me now...you have to adapt!

Posted by Erica Crowell (eRealty Inc.) over 12 years ago
Very well said.  In any industry, you have to stay in touch with potential and past clients in every way possible.  Handwritten notes are GREAT for marketing yourself and really send a strong message about the type of person that you are.
Posted by Tracy Moses~Redefining LUXE~Staging ~ Decorati (Redefining LUXE) over 12 years ago

EGGSELENT! You've hit it that nail on the head with the back end of a maul! If you don't tell people you're in the business (regularly), then you're not in the business. Look at all the major brands out there and you will find them regularly in your mailbox, newspaper, online, television and on the radio. They know that they can't fly on yesterday's wind.



Posted by Anthony Carr, Stress-Free, Steady, Stable! (RE/MAX West End) over 12 years ago
JL.... Good one! and so true! It seems to me that a lot of agents think all they have to do is a get a license and the leads will come pouring in. That is just not true. We do have to work. Advertise, lead generate, blog, website, direct mail.... there are tons of options out there. Like you pointed out though if we don't foster that relationship throughout and after the transaction you are really wasting your time!
Posted by Birmingham Alabama Real Estate, Stephen Wolfe (LivingInBirmingham.com) over 12 years ago