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What do Sex and Real Estate Have in Common?

Columbia, SC Homes for Sale  I know the title itself seems like little more than shameless click bait and in a way it's meant to grab attention. But in the interest of not disappointing anyone that may have rushed onto this post looking for an honest answer to the question, I feel like I should at the very least make an effort to explain.

  So what do sex and real estate have in common? Well, the likely truth is this. While the process might be a lot of fun, what most of us really want in the end is the big finish when we close the deal. While this may not be the most appropriate way to state the facts, let's face it, it got your attention and if you're honest you really can't deny what I said was true.


So with all this taken into consideration, have you ever looked at basic dating advice  and thought how well that could help you if applied to your real estate business? Think about what it is like to "court" a prospect.


1 - You may have to put forth some effort to get a date in the first place. The fact of the matter is that a lot of people want to feel desired and sometimes a potential date will play hard to get. That usually doesn't discourage someone when they really want to ask someone out, so why should it bother you when you want to get the attention of a prospect? The first phone call to touch base with a buyer that registered on your website or an expired listing is really only the beginning. Sure some of them will ask you to come right over and throw a sign in the yard or say when can we start looking at houses, but most of them will not. Some of them won't even answer your call or email and you may have to chase them for while before landing an interview. Find a way to get their attention so that they are attracted to you or at least have enough follow up with them  you finally gain trust.


2 - Dress well when going on a date to make a good impression. I would assume that their is an obvious parallel here when it comes to dressing for success. If you go on a date, you need to look like you put a little effort into looking good rather than just throwing on an old pair of sweats. I know that the world is a little more laid back than it used to be when it comes to appearance, but it still doesn't hurt to spruce yourself up a bit when you are going on a listing appointment or meeting with a potential new buyer. Look like a professional.


3 - Pick the right spot to meet.

I assume that if you really want to have a successful date, then you are not suggesting a trip to Burger King for you first night out. You make than likely set things up at a little higher class establishment. Meet prospects at your office or their house is you are on a listing appointment and by the way coffee shops work as a great meeting spot for both dates and prospects if you need neutral ground.


4 - Be on time for the date.

No one wants to wait around for you and feel unwanted by your inability to be punctual. Don't make your date sit too long alone or some other lonely Realtor looking for a good time or a good listing may just come along and sweep them off their feet.


5 - Listen carefully and show genuine interest in your date.

No one wants to hear how awesome your are, they want to feel like you think they are awesome. Don't monopolize the conversation, but instead ask open questions and maintain eye contact. Let your date talk about themselves so that you can get to know them. The same applies to prospects. Ask questions and listen. They will tell you everything you need to know if you just give a chance. Sometimes being the hero means nothing more than taking a little extra time to understand their wants and needs or dare I say desires.


6 - Be polite.

This should be obvious in both cases, but you'd be surprised. Therefore I feel the need to state that you really should mind your manors. No one like a rude or arrogant individual so if you notice that you're going home alone from all your dates and your interviews you really need to rethink your tactics. I can assure that no one has ever said, "I really didn't like them, they were just too polite."


7 - Keep the conversation flowing.

While you don't want to take over the conversation, you also don't want to be a stick in the mud either so small talk really is a good way to put people at ease and keep the conversation going. Become good at it. Everyone knows the phrase comfortable silences, but the truth is those are rarely as comfortable as you think and both your date and your prospect would like to know that you have a little personality to go along with the nice clothes and manors.


8 - Be confident.

People like confidence, it makes them feel more confident as well. It makes people drawn to you and causes them to trust you. When you are confident and know what you are doing, most everything else falls in place as long as you put forth the effort to stay on task. Whether that's impressing a date or landing a new listing, confidence can be quite vital ones success. 


I think these more or less cover the point that I am trying to make.  Putting in the effort to impress your prospects can certainly make you a lot more successful at closing the deal than just tossing you name in the hat like most other will. One phone call may not get the job done. If you need more advice than this on how to impress your prospects, then by all means, just Google how to have a successful date and think about it from the stand point of a prospect rather than a potential date.




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