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10 Ways to Get Business Without Breaking the Bank

Blythewood, SC Homes for Sale  In business we are always trying to find a better way to get the most bang for our buck. At no point is this more true than when you are new to the business, because let's face it, it takes time to get going and when you're in a commission only career you might have plenty of time but you do not have plenty of money coming in from the start.

  So with that in mind, hopefully this list will give agents, particularly the newer ones some good low cost and no cost ideas to get out there and meet some new people and hopefully create some business.

10 - Work your sphere of influence -

You are going to hear this one over and over again so I'll start by getting it out of the way first. The reason you hear it over and over is because it will be your most effective way to get business from the start. Everyone likes to work with someone they know, so talk to the people that you know.


9  - Volunteer -

No matter where you live there is a pretty good chance that there are non for profit organizations that would be more than happy to have you help out. Not only will have to opportunity to meet new people, you will do some good around your community as well.


8  - Have a gym membership? Start going early.

Chances are you can find an expensive place to workout if you have not already done so. Many successful people are very disciplined, creatures of habit, and most of tehm that I know work out early in the morning. My local YMCA opens at 5am and there's usually a decent crown there shortly after. The worst that can really happen is manage to get a little healthier yourself.


7  - Walk around your community.

Grab a stack of business cards and toss on a branded company tee shirt or hat and take a walk around the neighborhood you live in. It's good to get to know your neighbors and again, the worst that can happen is you get a workout from your evening stroll.


6  - Do some open houses.

This a great way to meet prospective buyers as they do like to ride around on the weekends. If you don't have any listings you can surely do an open house on another agent's listing and they will be more than happy to let you. Make sure you get names and numbers and that you follow up. The open house does you no good without the numbers and the numbers do you no good without the follow up.


5  - Speaking of open houses, introduce yourself to the neighbors.Where ever you decide to do your open houses, be sure to introduce yourself to the people that live along that street. They are going to notice that you are there working away and you want them to know who you are right? That way when the house sells, you can come back through to let them know it sold give them another card to encourage them to call you if they ever plan on selling.


4  - Start a blog.

I know that writing good content takes time, but you are going to have plenty of that as a new agent so you can use it to your advantage. You can find several sites out there that will allow you to start a blog for free or very little cost, so start a blog and start writing market reports and community reports and see if you can get a little love from Google.


3  - Take over some orphans in your office.

The sad fact of the matter is that many people who start this business will fail or quit. They may have a few sales and then just like that they're gone. Call one their past clients to let them know that the agent in question is no longer with the company and that you're here if they need anything.


2  - Print out fliers for homes for sale and hit some windshields.

Chances are your area has some apartment complexes and these are good places to start because you already know that the residents are not home owners. I suggest doing this late evening or very early morning when you know most people will be home.


1  - Call expired listings. You already know that they want to sell so they are great place to find listings and if you dig through your MLS you can come up with some. You will have to listen to how their last agent was the scum of the Earth because their house didn't sell, but it's cheap.


This is just a small sample of some of the low cost things you can do to drum up business, there are plenty more out there. The important thing is to just do something productive and usually good things will follow. Best of luck out there.


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