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St. Patrick's Day is March 17th. Valuable info for March 18th.

Happy St. Patrick's Day  So chances are that unless you have  been hiding under a rock for the past week or so, or you were hit by a car while trying to chase down that pot if gold, you know that tomorrow is indeed St. Patrick's Day. We here in Columbia, SC get to enjoy one of the largest St. Pat's celebrations in the country and no doubt it will be in full swing first thing tomorrow.

  No doubt, whatever area of the world you live in is now bracing itself for a full blown invasion of wannabe Irish party goers eager to test the limits of business owners and their liver alike.


Happy St. Patrick's Day  The truth is that I can a more than likely should give you a full rundown of all the events happening in my area like most people with a blog would to piggyback off of Google for the day, but I'm not going to do that. You can click the link and find out about St. Pat's in 5 Points. It's not the only gig in town tomorrow, but if you go you will have a good time.

  As for me, St. Pat's is my birthday and I always spend the day with my family rather than with 40,000 strangers. I can't promise I won't make an appearance at any or all of the festivals by the time the day is through, but chances are myself and my 2 little Leprechauns will have a more subdues day than our younger generation which gives me an excellent segway into the purpose of this post. Since we all know that tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day and we all know that if you are young and able you will celebrate with all the vigor you can muster, then you are covered for the 17th. Now, let's talk about the 18th.


You are going to wake up praying to God, Buddha, Tom Cruise, and all things that will listen in teh hopes that the pain goes away. That's where I come in my friends. Below you will find a list of recognized hangover cures that may just save you from a Sunday of depression and angst following your Saturday of Joy and celebration.


Try to avoid Congeners. These occur in liqueurs like whiskey and even Tequila, but are mostly found in brown liqueur. So lighten up.


Eat a good Breakfast. Guys there's a reason the Waffle House is still in business and it's not because people really like the food. It's cheap, greasy, and open 24 hours. Have your Uber driver find one and invite them to breakfast.


Get plenty of sleep. This is not as much a cure as it is a full blown attempt to avoid the situation, but either way it can work if you can just go back to bed. Try again Monday.


Stay Hydrated. Try drinking a glass of water for each adult beverage you have. At the end of the night, drink a couple of glasses of Gatorade and take a few Motrin. I'm a Realtor, not a scientist. I don't know how it works, but it does.


Don't drink so much. There's a reason I saved the best for last, it's the only guaranteed method. Otherwise work your way through the rest of the list and learn from past mistakes.


So whether this helps you or not, have fin tomorrow, stay safe, and if you feel like you must party for St. Pat's, please do not drink and drive. Call a Cab, message an Uber, Phone a friend, take a lecture from a parent that you asked to come get you, just do something other than find yourself behind a wheel when you shouldn't be there. Believe it or not worse thing than a DUI could happen to others or yourself.



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St. Patrick's Day is March 17th. Valuable info for March 18th.
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