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It Takes More Than Just Saying You're an EXPERT to be ONE

 There's no doubt in my mind that one of the most overused words in the world today in EXPERT. It seems that everywhere you turn there are tons of people in every field imaginable that are experts. But the truth is that it takes more than saying you are an expert to actually be one. Unless you are an expert at making claims and running your mouth, just making the statement won't really do you any good. But, if you want to be one, the answer is simple, work and learn.

 Know your contracts and paperwork - What ever brokerage you work for, or where you are a lender, or appraiser, or anything else related to this business, you have paper work. Never ever have someone fill out paperwork that have not read from top to bottom. As far as a your contract is concerned, the one you use needs to be a reaction more than formality. You need to know it that well. The difference between an expert and someone who just claims to be one, is an expert has done what they need to do and learned what they need to know to succeed. So know your paperwork and your contracts, that way you don't look incompetent in the process on trying to convince someone that you're a big deal.

 Know your area- There's nothing worse than someone trusting you to take them around and show them an area, and you don't know it that well yourself. You need to know off the top of your head as much as you possibly can about the area or areas that you service. Clients may want to know where the closest grocery stores, shopping malls, hospitals, or even Pizza Hut is from what may be there future home. If they want to be close to the interstate, then you need to know the communities that will put them within a close proximity to the interstate in question. It's your job to provide answers and take care of your client's needs, so you need to know your area in order to do that.

 Know your market- The best way to know your market is to become an active part of it. Even if you have no clients to show around at this current moment, you still need to be ready for them when you do get one. That means staying on top of the current market trends. Study your MLS and check on communities for various price ranges. You need to know what's moving and what isn't. This helps you with both buyers and sellers. If a buyer comes to you and wants a home in a community that's flying off the shelf, then you need to make them aware of it. They may not believe you, but once that house sells out from under than, they will know you were serious. If a seller comes to you to list their house, then you need to be sure you can speak knowledgeably about what price range is moving well, that way you can immediately tell them what to expect.

 Know what buyers want- This again will help you with buyers and sellers. If you list a house and you know that it's outdated because buyers are no longer into the bright, orange shag carpet, then you can explain to the seller that they need to be willing to make some upgrades in order to compete with the current market. If you are working with a buyer and you know what's popular in today's market for your area, then you can usually put them closer to a home that suits their needs sooner than if you are taking a shot in the dark. It just makes things run a little more smooth.

 Know that you can't fake it- This is a hard one for people to except, but the days of fake till you make it are pretty much over. You may be able to fool a few, but eventually you will end up with a savvy buyer or seller and then the gig is up. If you don't know an answer, don't be afraid to admit it, just say you don't know but you will find out. They have Google too, so if you make up a lot of crap in an effort to make yourself look better, you going to look like a real idiot when they make it back to the laptop and they find out you lied. So just don't play that game. With the wealth of information available at the world's fingertips, you better be honest and upfront. Just do the right thing and work hard to learn the things you need to know. That way when you claim you're an expert, you can actually put your money where your mouth is when the time comes.




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