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The Five W's of Buying a New Home

 The five W's are still important in making decisions. They simplify the process and make a direct connection to what you need and want to accomplish and how you want to do so. It may not be the most advanced way to think things over in this world of technology, but it still works. Let's say for example that you are planning on buying a new home, then pull out a pen and paper and sit down. Then think of the five W's

 1- Who will be living in the home. Sit there and think about what you really need out of a home. Most people would love to have that huge home with the extra bedrooms and a bonus, but what do you really need? The amount of people that will reside in the abode will give you a great idea of how much space you really need. You may be able to afford more, but anything you don't truly need is just an extra that you want.

 2- What will you be looking for in a home. This gives you an excellent chance to write out your needs vs. your wants. You can write out exactly what you would like in a home. Try to keep it realistic for your price range and make a list what you really need in a home and what you want. From there you will have a great starting point on what to start looking for and everything that you can get that you want in a home after you secure what you need is a nice added bonus.

 3- When do you plan to buy. This is important to seriously look at so you can determine the amount of effort you should put into your search and how motivated you should be in the process. If you are relocating in the next two months, then you really need to get on the ball and go to work. If you are moving up and just waiting for a really great home to hit the market that has everything you want, then you obviously have time to kick back. Either way, you need to decide for yourself how soon you would like to be in a new place.

 4- Where would you like to live. No matter where you are in the world, there are communities that you just like a lot. If not a particular community, then a particular side of town. It could be for any number of reasons like schools, jobs, or just the feeling of the area. Some like to live in town and some like the burbs. In order to really narrow the scope and find what you want, it's a good idea to at least focus on the part of town in which you wish to reside.

 5- Why am I buying a new home. This will help you and your Realtor in the process of finding your new digs. If you are a first time home buyer there may be programs available such as the $8,000 tax credit. If you are in the military and relocating, there are incentives available for this as well. Even if you're just moving because you feel like and there is nothing more to it than that, it's good to isolate the purpose of your decision.

 These are very simple steps that anyone can do with a pad and pen. Just some of the basic first steps to help out in your process of finding a new home. Oh, and for the sake of the lenders out there, you may want to answer one more important question that will way heavily on their minds. How do I plan to pay for it!



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The five W's are still important in making decisions. They simplify the process and make a direct connection to what you need and want to accomplish and how you want to do so. It may not be the most advanced way to think things over in this world… more
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