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Your Clients Are What They Eat

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 Have you ever heard the statement that people feed off of one another when it comes to emotions? Well, guess what, it's true. And there will never be a time when that statement is more true than when people are looking to you for guidance.

 In this business it is our job to protect and guide our clients through the task of buying a home or selling their current house. So, they will feed off of the emotions that we display when we deal with them throughout the process. This is why confidence is so important and why honesty is so imperative.

 If you act like you are afraid to do your job, then you can guarantee that your clients will be afraid to let you. But if you put your head down, press forward and remain calm, then chances are your clients will follow your lead. If you're honest, even when it's hard, they will respect you.

 Columbia, SC Real Estate 

 No one wants to look at a client and tell them that their expectations are unreasonable. However, in order to protect our clients, we must sometimes protect them from their selves as well. If this means explaining that the home for sale will not bring the price they expect or that a buyer will not get that mansion on the hill in their price range, then we must be willing to dispense this advice. It's what creates respect and integrity and we must have both in order to have our client's trust.

 The times of fake it until you make it are far behind us now. So when the time comes that you don't know the answer to a question, and it will, then be willing to admit that you don't know but you will find the answer. If you feed your clients a load of crap, then you can expect to have some bad experiences with these clients when they find out what you're full of.

 So stay calm and confident when you deal with anyone in your business, and chances are they will do the same. Remember that they look to you for help, so they will certainly feed off of you in the process.


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Your Clients Are What They Eat
Have you ever heard the statement that people feed off of one another when it comes to emotions? Well, guess what, it's true. And there will never be a time when that statement is more true than when… more
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