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Sometimes You Just Have To Take a Stand!!

 This past Saturday evening, was the 19th annual Regal Awards. If you are unfamiliar with the Regal Awards, they are given to those that excel in new home sales. You must sell at least 1 million dollars worth of new homes in order to qualify for a Regal award. If there is a co broker involved, you and the co broker split the sale 50/50. My lovely wife wife landed in the 4 million dollar Regal Circle and sold nearly 7.5 million dollars worth of new homes in her community of Brookhaven for Mungo Homes. But, enough bragging about her, I came here to brag about myself.


 The evening was a black tie affair and thousands were in attendance. Shortly after the caterers had begun serving diner, I excused myself from the table to walk up to the bar and get a drink. There was wine on every table, but since I do not drink wine, this did me no good. As I approached the bar, a gentleman standing behind the bar said they had stopped serving drinks. I was mortified, confused, lost, and felling somewhat hopeless.

 Then I remembered......Wait a minute, I'm a Realtor, I don't give up that easily. So, taking a deep breath and regaining my focus, I asked when they would be serving again. He said in ten to fifteen minutes. I told him that I would be right here waiting when he decided to give me a drink.

 Then I remember, my mother was hippie in her younger days, and participated in many protests and sit ins.  I knew that this was my chance to make my mother proud and deal a heavy blow to fascism in the world of bar-tending.

 So, in a quick decision on my part, I began talking to anyone that walked by to explain the situation. I was not going down without a fight!I told everyone I saw that the bar would not serve me a drink and I was intending to stage a stand in, right there at the bar. I also asked them if they would support me in my crusade. In a very short time, I managed to talk over twenty people into standing with me at the bar in order to be served. Most of the people I had never seen before, but the quickly united to serve our common cause. I even managed to get a few of them to chant " We won't take a trip on the SS censorship. "

 I was very proud of and impressed with my gathering of loyal supporters. The fought a long and difficult battle.(about three minutes) Finally the gentleman turned to another bartender and said the words we had fought and pleaded for so long to hear.  " Serve Them " Then he turned and walked away.

 The crowd of freedom fighter cheered with delight as the bartender asked what I wanted. I placed my order and told her to give the fantastic people behind me whatever they wanted. The I turned and announced with great pride and joy that  everyone's drinks should go on my tab, as a small token of my great appreciation. ( it was an open bar) There was once again a cheer from the crowd. Then I got my drink and returned to my seat to support my beautiful wife as she prepared to except her award.

 The point is this guys, sometimes you just have to stand up for what is right. It's not always a pretty scene and sometimes it can be a down right exhausting struggle to stand up for what you believe in. But if any of you out there feel that you are ready to make that move, know that I am here for you. Anything worth having is never easy to achieve, but it makes it all the more rewarding when you do.


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Sometimes You Just Have To Take a Stand!!
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