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When America Gave Up!!

 At exactly what point here in America did we become such a nation of quitters and whiners. At on point we fought for what we believed in and we did not see the necessity to apologize for that. At one point Americans had pride. Pride in themselves, pride in their country, and too much pride to just give up and call it quites.

 At what point did we decide that mediocrity was the average and that idiocrocy was something we should tolerate. At what point did we all decide that we were to damn afraid to speak our minds and say what we really feel, because we were worried that we would hurt someone else's feelings. Well that fact is this, sometimes people get their feelings hurt and in this day and age it does not matter what you say you WILL OFFEND SOMEONE. Thats's life and it's just the way it goes, whether you you do it on purpose or not, IT WILL HAPPEN.

 Now that we live in a society where its an issue to hurt people's delicate feelings, we seem to need to apologize for making it in this world. Well, I REFUSE. I have made it, I will continue to make it, and I care really care who like it and who doesn't. marriages have become disposable, and hard working people have become harder and harder to find. Honesty has become over rated and apathy has become overbearing. And now in this day and age their just aren't enough people with enough pride in anything.

 WHERE"S YOUR SENSE OF PRIDE?  Where is that gumption that stopped you from giving up when so many others failed before? Where's that voice in the back of your mind that says that failure is not an option and right and wrong is not an opinion? It is right and it is wrong. Where's that backbone that told you even if you knew you were going to lose the fight, that you still would not back down? Where's you sense of pride?


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When America Gave Up!!
At exactly what point here in America did we become such a nation of quitters and whiners. At on point we fought for what we believed in and we did not see the necessity to apologize for that. At one point Americans had pride. Pride in themselves,… more
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