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Bailout, Buyouts, And 10 Things That May Come Our Way

 Just a few random thoughts on how things may shape up thanks to the buyout bailout and how things will change with the Government taking over the majority of stock in companies.

 10- We can now refer to Congressmen as Brokers. I mean what the hell, we already trust our hard earned money to someone we call a Broker, why not call Congress the same. After all, they cause us to go broke faster than anyone else anyways.

 9- We will have to call a representatives office in order to take out a loan. If you thought this was a difficult process to start with, then it's going to be a real treat when you try to get one of them on the phone.

 8- We can now demand a right to be present at GM meetings. I've never heard of a company that would deny it's majority share holder the right to be present at meeting and since the American tax payers now own 61% of GM, now's our chance to go hang out with the board.

 7- Jobs will become outdated. There will be an effort to ensure millions of small individual bailouts. This way no one will ever have to work again.

 6- Social Security #'s will be used as credit card numbers. Due to the ease to remember them and an effort to go green we will no longer use plastic, but instead use our SS #'s as credit card numbers. This is how we will spend our individual bailouts at Government owned companies.

 5- Government will realize that Mills and Coal mining companies had it right years ago. Prior to jobs going out of style, we will all have to work in Government owned companies. Then will have to spend our money in government owned stores so that we just give it right back. This will of course be after they seize everyones homes so we now have to rent from them as well.

 4- There will be a sex tax. After realizing that they left this out when they where passing a tax on everything else that people enjoy, "the brokers" will immediately set a tax on any sexual act in the U.S. I don't mean to frighten anyone, but I think it will be a flat tax.

 3- China will go bankrupt. After lending and ending billions to the U.S. China will suddenly come to the realization that they can no longer support our habits only to find out it's too late. This was our plan all along to spend them to death so we can have all our overseas manufacturing jobs back.

 2- Once the jobs return, more mill towns spring up across the Nation. See number five if you need to know what will happen there.

 1- We will no longer be allowed to use denim to make cloths. Since left over denim is a main ingredient in the making of paper money here, we will have to use all the denim just for money. At the rate we're planning on printing it out, this may happen sooner than I expected.


**** Disclaimer **** This is just a little fun the expense of our Government. In all honesty, if you don't get a good laugh out of the thought that some of these things may sound like good ideas to them, you are likely not American. If it was better where you are from, please let me know where that is, I would like to go back with you when we get a chance.




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