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Ever Been Embarrassed by a Client?

 I don't embarrass very easily, so, as of yet I have not had a client that embarrassed me. I do however have a friend whose clients had him add into a offer that they would not buy the house unless the owner left the dog with the house. This deal did not go through, I guess the owner really liked his dog. The entire ordeal really flustered my friend, and I must admit that I would probably be amused if one of my clients were to ask me to do the same.

 As of yet, the only " out of the ordinary " thing that a client has requested of me is to ask if anyone died violently in the houses they were looking at. They were not really concerned if some one passed away do to natural causes, only if they passed away violently. I did get a few strange looks when I asked, and I did get a few awkward pauses on the phone, but it didn't bother me to ask.

 So, all this being said, I wonder who all out there has been embarrassed by there clients. Maybe they were rude to a home owner who was still present at showing....Maybe they requested the owner leave a pet or any other number of things that you didn't feel comfortable doing.......Whatever it is, lets hear it, so I can get a good laugh at your expense.


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