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Are You There For The Inspection

 I know a lot of agents that forgo making an appearance at the inspections of properties that they sell or list. When they sell a home, they open the door, hand the inspector a check and go on about their business. I have only had one listing agent come to a home inspection when I represented the buyers. I guess it's really just a matter of opinion on whether a Realtor feels that they should be there or not during this process.

 I for one go to each and every home inspection on deals that I am involved in, whether I am the listing or the selling agent. When I represent sellers, I always ask them to be present for the inspection so they can see what the inspector does and ask questions if they would like to. Of course I tell them not to harass the poor inspector and let them do their job, but I have yet to run across one that has not been more than happy to answer questions for my clients when the inspection is taking place.

 When I am the listing agent and another agent sells the home, I ask that the agent notify me when all inspections are taking place. I have had a few that seem surprised when I show up and I have been there for a few that the selling agent did not show up and just sent their clients. I always feel like I owe it to me clients to be present during every step of the process from contract to closing and these inspections are a part of that process.

 In the end I guess to each his own, but my clients seem to be very happy that I am available and present. This is not an effort to say that agents should or should not be present, just a curiosity on my part as to how others feel about the situation. As for me, I have always been there, and I intend to always be there. Like I said, for me I just feel like I owe it to my clients.




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I know a lot of agents that forgo making an appearance at the inspections of properties that they sell or list. When they sell a home, they open the door, hand the inspector a check and go on about their business. I have only had one listing agent… more
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