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My wife has declared war!!!!

 My wife has now learned that the vast majority of the men in my family are not known for their longevity in life. That is, they simply don't live to be very old people. Instead the Boney men seem to feel very comfortable checking out somewhere around fifty. Being that my in-laws are seventy-three years old, I now realize that fifty isn't very old and I am not supposed to be going through a mid-life crisis just yet.

 So, in-case you're wondering about the whole war thing, well that's a war on mortality itself I do believe. After confirming from my family that most of the men in it die at an early age and of heart related issues, my wife has now thrown away all of the grease and cooking oil in the house. I'm no longer allowed to eat fried food, or junk food. I have to watch my in take of red meat and now must monitor my cholesterol as well as my blood pressure. You guessed it, they both run high in my family. Even after I explained to my wife that no matter how healthy we are, we will never get out of life alive anyway, so we may as well enjoy it while we're here, she didn't seem impressed with my theory. In fact she threatened to take away my occasional sweets. So, for those of you out there without a spouse who is determined to make you the first person to live forever, you don't know what you're missing. It's nice to know some one cares so much that their willing to take everything away that makes life great, in order to save it.


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Comment balloon 3 commentsJL Boney, III • December 27 2007 09:11AM
My wife has declared war!!!!
My wife has now learned that the vast majority of the men in my family are not known for their longevity in life. That is, they simply don't live to be very old people. Instead the Boney men seem to feel very comfortable checking out somewhere… more
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