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 Isn't it a shame that apathy has become the norm. This is an all too acceptable practice. Are you afraid that you might burden yourself with the few seconds that it takes to give a damn? I'm not saying that one person could change the world completely, and this isn't a plea for world peace, but does it bother you at all that people in general no longer seem to care.

 How many of you really get to know your neighbors and help them when they need it? One simple, random act of kindness can truly go much further than you think. But with the majority of our great nation excepting mediocrity as the average, things are only getting worse. What type of world do we want to leave for our children and grandchildren? They will one day inherit the problems that we have helped to create.

 When my parents were children, a news report about an Innocent victim dying in a senseless act of violence was a true tragedy. When I was a child, it was the only thing on the news. So, for me it was no big deal because it happened all the time. Lately, with my wife and I talking of having children of our own, this fact now scare the hell out of me! I do not want them to grow up in a world were this is no big deal!

 I try to reason with it by saying that the media simply focuses on the bad and never the good. The fact is that they shouldn't have so many bad things to focus on in the first place. But the sad truth is that they do. Mothers killing their own children and children killing their own mothers and the world at large simply growing more used to the common trend.

 What happened to our sense of pride and duty that said this was not acceptable? That is was wrong and it was a shame. That people are not disposable and we are tired of being swept under the rug. What happened to nation full of splendid innocents that was willing to fight for what it believed in? The truth is that I have never lived in this nation. It was all but gone by the time I got here. And we just keep spiraling further downward and out of control.

 When will we say that we have had enough and we are not going to turn our backs and our heads any longer? When will we wake up from this mediocre slumber that inhabits us now and remember what made us the greatest nation on earth in the first place? Do we even care anymore, or is it already too late?

 I refuse to believe that we don't care. I refuse to believe that we can't make a difference. I refuse to believe that so many people before me died to give me my freedom and the right to write this to you tonight and that I was all in vein. I believe that they died fighting for what hey believed in.........That they could make a difference. That they died so we could live. And now we honor their memories by abandoning their beliefs. What if anything in your life are you willing to die for? And more importantly, what are you truly willing to live for?!?!?


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Mind Your Own Business!
Isn't it a shame that apathy has become the norm. This is an all too acceptable practice. Are you afraid that you might burden yourself with the few seconds that it takes to give a damn? I'm not saying that one person could change the world… more
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