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Northeast Columbia Market Report

 The Northeast Columbia, SC real estate market has remained strong. This is despite all the negative attention the housing market has received in the local and national media. Our sales are down somewhat however, they are not down by much.

 For the month of January 165 houses were sold in Northeast Columbia. This is down from 188 sold last year in the same time period. But compared to the problems in California and some other parts of the nation, I'd say we are hanging in there just fine. 2005 and 2006 were both record setting years for Columbia, SC real estate, so, the fact that were are only down by 23 houses in a time when the market is supposed to be so horrible is not so bad.

 So, if you are thinking about selling your house now is actually not a bad time to enter the market. With builders beginning to slow down their building of field models, preexisting homes may very well get a shot in the arm from buyers who are ready to move in and not willing wait for a house to be built.

  If you are interested in buying a home at this current time, now is a fantastic time to get out there and start looking. Though builders have slowed down their production, some of them are willing to bargain on their existing field models in order to reduce their standing inventory. So, since the peak real estate season has not yet started in Columbia, SC, those who are currently on the market for a home will get the first crack at these incentives. There is less competition at the moment for buyers who are already looking for a home. This however, does not mean that the builders and sellers of homes are giving them away. Our market is still strong, so if you want them to knock $20,000 off the price of a house, it's not likely to happen. But, there are other incentives currently out there for you to take advantage of for now.



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Northeast Columbia Market Report
The Northeast Columbia, SC real estate market has remained strong. This is despite all the negative attention the housing market has received in the local and national media. Our sales are down somewhat however, they are not down by much. For the… more
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