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Realtor dues and NAR referrals

 Just dropping by to let everyone know that I have paid my Realtor dues. For those of you who have not done so, now is the time. For those of you who have,  congrats on being more organized than myself.

 However, if you have not, I have a suggestion. I would highly recommend that you ask the people at your local Realtor office for a referral. It is highly unlikely that you'll get one, but it's fun to do anyway. Today as I was in the office, I asked the receptionist if she knew anyone interested in buying or selling a home. She immediately said no, with a funny look as if she was surprised that I asked

 I then asked her if she thought that anyone else in the office might no someone and if if it was all right for me to walk around and pass out my business card and talk to people. I also told her that I had some listing flyers in the car I would love to hand out. She said that she was sure that no one there wanted to buy or sell a house and would not let me pass out cards or walk throughout the rest of the building. I did however, plan to put out listing flyers on the windshields of the cars in the parking-lot, but my wife who was with me would not let me do so.

 So, remember this fellow Realtors, every newsletter you receive tells you to ask for referrals from everyone that you can. They tell you to promote your listings, your business, and yourself. So, when you go to pay your dues, be sure and ask for a referral and be persistent. Let them know that their teachings and tips are not falling on deaf ears. You have listened and you have learned.


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Realtor dues and NAR referrals
Just dropping by to let everyone know that I have paid my Realtor dues. For those of you who have not done so, now is the time. For those of you who have, congrats on being more organized than myself. However, if you have not, I have a suggestion… more
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