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Why Do Sellers Sell

 It's a question that I inevitably get from interested buyers on listing. It seems like a simple and innocent question that is done completely out of curiosity, and I can't really blame anyone for asking. However it is a difficult question to answer from time to time depending on the situation and what the answer really is and in the end the only thing that matters all that much is the fact that the seller wants to sell their house.

 There can be an endless amount of reasons for why a seller wishes to sell a house. They could be upgrading and moving on to a bigger house or a newer house. They could have possibly outgrown their current confines for any number of reasons and another home would fit their needs better. They could be doing the exact opposite and no longer need all the room they currently have and want to downgrade. Age may be a factor and they can no longer take care of the home and feel that another would be more appropriate for them in this stage of their life.

 Maybe they have taken an out of town job and need to relocate. This happens a great deal and I live in a military town, so people are always being shipped in and out from base to base. These are all perfectly normal reasons for selling a home and these days it's all too common that a seller may have lost their job or had a rate adjustment and can no longer afford to remain in the home

 I also once had a situation where the seller found out that his wife had been having a 6 month affair with the contractor that was remodeling their house, and the divorce at hand caused them to sell. Situations like these are where the question becomes a little more difficult to answer, because it's not my place to spread anyones business around when they are already having a difficult time. The only thing I ever really say is that the seller wants to sell. That's why they are selling and in all honesty, no matter the underlying reason for their decision that's always why they are doing it. They either want to or they need to and that's the long and short of the situation.

 Realtors aren't always being vague simply because they want to avoid the question. Once and a while, they simply can not say due to the confidential nature of an agency agreement. In the end their reason for living really shouldn't change a thing. If you want to buy the house and it's listed, then they obviously want to sell the house, that's why it's listed and that's really all the matters for the most part. So don't take it personal when we don't give a long drawn out answer as to why a seller is selling, sometimes it's just uncalled for, for us to do so.




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