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The Price of Freedom

 There is a horrible price to pay for the freedom we enjoy. It's a price that has been paid in blood since before the beginning of this great nation and regular payments have been since our founding. It's the blood of those that have sacrificed themselves in the belief that all of us have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The blood of patriots that made no complaints about lying on the alter freedom so that we may enjoy the simple pleasures that we are afforded the right to take for granted.

 Yes, there is a price for freedom and for some it's a heavy price indeed. While we sit at home with our families, watch T.V., play video games, or keep up with latest Internet addiction, they are a world away continuing to ensure that we have the ability to continue these activities. I am willing to believe that each and every soldier of this United States of America who is stationed abroad are wishing that they could be with their families right now. Wishing that they indulge in the simple honor, like hugging their child good night, or complaining on their way to the garage to fill the dogs bowl with food.

 All too often we take things for granted, because many of us can not perceive a life without these routine daily occurrences. But there are people out there that make our routines possible. Somewhere in the world even as I right this, there are tens of thousands of our soldiers longing to return to the same thing that they allow us to take for granted. But somewhere they stare at the same stars we do and some day, the lucky ones will return to our soil when their duty is done.

 I could make this post go on forever, but in the end no matter how long it is, it's only words. Words can mean a lot, even simple words, but they only go so far to express the debt of gratitude that each and every one us should feel toward our protectors. Words can lift spirits and crush hopes, but in the end they are so much less impressive than actions. So here's to all our American soldiers crossed across this vast globe whose actions have paid the price of freedom and made this very post possible.




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The Price of Freedom
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