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Fun With Heredity

 My Mother for as long as I have been alive has been someone that I have looked up to. The reasons are glaringly obvious as she has always been there for me when I needed her and she has always to great lengths to put her family first in all facets of life. A person could pick a far worse role model, but today, role models are not my topic of conversation. Instead I would like to discuss something else.

 Today just for some fun I would like to talk about personality traits. My Mother has a sharp sense of wit and humor, a deep love for sarcasm, and obsessive compulsive disorder. Why on Earth would I choose these three traits to bring up? Well I do so because these are the very traits the my Mother passed on to me. While my wit and humor is a little more twisted than hers, we run hand and hand on the sarcasm, and my O.C.D is a little more under control I think, it's not hard to see where I get it all from when you have the two of us in the same room for a short period of time.

 Like I said, my humor gets a little more twisted, and we do both have the ability to laugh at our self. So, every time I visit her, I have to make a special effort to irritate her O.C.D. for my own amusement. She is one of those people who firmly believe that everything has it's place. Well, she also collects tons of trinkets that she proudly displays throughout her home. She has painstakingly placed them in her desired location for each one. She can feel it in her bones when one of them is moved in the slightest of ways from their spot.

 If you have guessed by now that I move one of these trinkets every time I stop by, then you are absolutely correct. She notices as soon as she walks past whatever I move, and she immediately returns it to the correct spot from which moved it. She just can't help herself and I have started to notice that neither can I. Which make me wonder if I have now created an entirely new personal quirk in the process of trying to make fun of her. Because now when I am out there, I just can't walk past her displays without being able to control the urge to just move a few around.

 The fact of the matter is that no matter who you are and whether or not you like to admit it, you have contracted certain traits from your parents. Sometimes these are obvious and other times they are only noticeable to a very keen eye. Either way, they are there for sure. So take a close look at yourself, and you may see a few things that are all too common amongst you family. It might also give you better understanding of why you and they do what they do.




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